2015 Verified Voting Year in Review

With your help, we’ve worked hard for more verifiable voting systems and policies in 2015. What follows is a partial list of activities and accomplishments:

  • Establishing a baseline of principles new voting systems should adhere to, which was circulated by an election commissioner in San Francisco to his fellow commissioners to help inform their discussions about a new voting system;

  • Collaborating with partners on usability, accessibility, security and election administration to identify principles for marking ballots remotely that safeguard privacy and enhance accessibility in vote by mail for voters with disabilities;

  • Highlighting new data standards at our Verified Voting Blog, joining the new EAC voting system standards working groups,and participating in Bipartisan Policy Center’s convening on voting technology;

  • Testifying in states like California, Colorado, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Virginia (and talking with state officials in Alabama, California, Florida, Iowa, Kansas, Massachusetts and Washington) about recounts, audits, voting system security and integrity; helping advocates draft model legislation on post election audits for MD; providing comments in support of a proposed exemption to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act for security research on voting system software;

  • Raising awareness about election technology issues via media coverage on NPR about online voter registration security; CBS about Maryland’s return to paper ballots; “The Canvass” – the premier publication for state lawmakers on elections matters, about voting system predictions; Colorado’s Denver Post about the risks of online voting, and Colorado Statesman with an
    article quoting Board chair Barbara Simons and an op-ed penned by former Undersecretary for Cyber security at the Department
    of Homeland Security, Bruce McConnell and VV’s President Pamela
    Daily Press and Ars Technica about the decertification of Virginia’s worst voting system ever; Washington Times editorial “Internet balloting too risky”; in Bloomberg Business quoting VV Pres. Pam Smith: “Transmitting actual votes is too high-risk for using online technology,” in the Concord Monitor quoting Board member David Jefferson about risks of online interfaces in elections; in StateTech Magazine about the security risks posed by outdated voting machines; and in Politifact, Salon, PhysOrg, EFF’s Deeplinks and SC Magazine among others.

  • Participating in the White House Cyber Security Summit by invitation at Stanford University;

  • Presenting to lawmakers on a keynote panel “What is pushing change in voting technology? and on a special panel on post-election audits “Evaluating Elections at the year’s biggest voting technology conference convened by the National Conference of State Legislators in June;

  • Sharing the facts about Internet voting’s unsolved security risks with election officials in a workshop presentation at the International Association of Clerks, Recorders, Election Officials and Treasurers (IACREOT) national summer meeting;

  • Answering the question: Why can’t I vote online?” — as invited speaker for the Midwest Election Officials conference in October;

  • Participating in the Future of California Elections (FoCE); participating on the Los Angeles County Voting System Assessment Project (VSAP) Technical Advisory Committee;

  • Serving out the last of a seven+ year term as a member of the Election Verification Network’s Coordinating Committee.

This year we’ve seen our research and resources cited extensively, and it shows we’re making a difference in ensuring that issues about the technology and security of voting are being heard. Verified Voting collaborates closely with you, our state and national partners and allies as well as individuals who help support what we do and foundations that believe in a democracy based on reliable, evidence-based elections. Together we have increased public awareness and influence policy to improve the integrity, accessibility and verifiability of U.S. elections.

To support our work, visit http://verifiedvoting.org/donate — your contribution will be matched by a generous donor through the end of the year!

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2015 Year in Review