Antigua: Early Elections to be Held on March 21 | teleSUR

Antigua and Barbuda will hold parliamentary elections on March 21, according to an announcement made by Prime Minister Gaston Browne during a party rally late Saturday. Browne said the early legislative elections come to protect the many plans his Antigua Labour Party, ALP, has programed for this year and the and next. “We have an opportunity at this point to consolidate the leadership of this country, to provide investors with predictability, to prove stability, to provide continuity, and that’s the main reason why we’re going to the polls early,” Browne told a cheering crowd of supporters.

The prime minister already asked the governor general to dissolve the current parliament by Feb. 26. Then, Browne will issue the official call of elections by Tuesday, giving the required minimum amount of days notice for elections.

After he announced the elections date, an emotional crowd burst into cheers and applause. He also introduced the 17 candidates proposed by his party. The elections were not constitutionally due until June 2019, according to Caribbean 360.

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