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The European Union on Tuesday congratulated Albania for its “overall orderly” parliamentary election despite violent incidents, but urged the Balkan country to complete the process in accordance with international norms. “We condemn the reported cases of violence and expect that these incidents will be fully investigated and perpetrators brought to justice,” the EU‘s foreign policy chief, Catherine Ashton, and Enlargement Commissioner Stefan Fule said. “Now it is important that the remaining stages of the election process are conducted in line with EU and international standards,” they said.

An opposition Socialist Party activist was killed near a polling station during the elections Sunday in an apparent shootout that also left a parliamentary candidate of the ruling conservative Democratic Party wounded.

Several other incidents were reported on election day.

No winner had been declared nearly 48 hours after voting ended, but fragmentary results released by the election commission showed the Socialist Party of Edi Rama with a clear lead.

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