Press Release: Harney County, Oregon chooses Clear Ballot to implement new Voting System | Clear Ballot

Boston-based Clear Ballot announced today the signing of a contract with Harney County, Oregon to provide the county with ClearVote, Clear Ballot’s next generation voting system solution.  Clear Ballot technology is designed to bring a new class of tools to election officials with greater accuracy and transparency. Clear Ballot also provides smaller jurisdictions like Harney County a scalable and affordable solution, a solution that has been lacking in the industry prior to Clear Ballot.

Dag Robinson, Harney County Clerk said, “Before seeing Clear Ballot, I was seriously considering reverting back to hand counting ballots. There simply wasn’t an affordable option available for small jurisdictions.”

Clear Ballot has been active in Oregon, winning the bid with Multnomah (Portland) County as part of a competitive procurement process and piloting its technology in Josephine (Grants Pass) County, displaying accurate and transparent results. Clear Ballot became certified in the state of Oregon on May 15, 2015 and began working with several other counties on the best solutions to update their voting systems.

“Oregon has proven to be one of the most progressive states in the country by upgrading their voting systems to the most technologically advanced in the country”, said Larry Moore, CEO of Clear Ballot. “We are pleased to have been chosen by Harney County in addition to our existing Oregon customers – Multnomah, Josephine and Linn Counties, all of whom will be using ClearVote for the first time this November.”

“We are excited to partner with Clear Ballot and move forward with the latest technology in vote tabulation”, said Robinson. “The Clear Ballot system provides Harney County with a scalable, affordable option for a jurisdiction our size to efficiently and accurately administer elections. I believe it is a giant step it the right direction for both small and large jurisdictions.”

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