Egypt: Higher Election Commission urged to bar all Egypt NDP affiliates | The Egyptian Gazette

Revolutionaries, some political parties and youth groups called on the Higher Election Commission (HEC) to bar all members of former president Hosni Mubarak’s disbanded party from running in a parliamentary poll that starts later this month, in application of an administrative court ruling in a Delta city. The revolutionaries also urged parties fielding the remnants of the formerly ruling National Democratic Party (NDP) to purge them from their lists of hopefuls.

“The administrative courts are always fair and their verdicts are the eye of the truth. However, lawyers and rights groups should take the battle to courts in order to bar all NDP members from running,” said Injy Hamdi, a spokesman for the April 6th Youth Movement.

Hamdi, whose group was leading a campaign against the NDP members contesting the polls, added that “the election commission had to generalise the ruling to bar all those remnants, who corrupted the political life in Egypt”. The administrative court in the northern Delta city of Mansoura decided late on Thursday that members of the NDP should not be allowed to join the list of candidates.

Many former NDP members have registered to run as independents or on other party lists in the first election Egypt has held since a popular uprising overthrew Mubarak in February.

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