Georgia: Kennesaw State Says Elections Server Was Wiped After FBI Gave Clearance | WABE

Kennesaw State University says a computer server holding state election data was wiped clean after copies of it were made by the FBI and the agency told KSU its investigation into a possible hack was complete. A group suing the state, charging Georgia’s voting system is outdated and not secure, says KSU erased the server in July after its lawsuit was filed. The group says data on the server may have revealed whether state elections were hacked. “This was not accidental. This was something that was conducted with purpose to make sure that the information could never be recovered again,” said Richard DeMillo, a computing professor at Georgia Tech who has been closely watching the case.

KSU’s Center of Elections Systems holds the state contract to maintain the statewide electronic voting system. In a statement, KSU said erasing the server was done according to “standard procedure.”

… Georgia’s top Democrat in the state House of Representatives, Minority Leader Bob Trammell, is calling for an independent investigation.

“We’re not talking about a situation where there was some type of accident or mistake, but rather this is an intentional action to destroy data.”

Full Article: KSU Says Elections Server Was Wiped After FBI Gave Clearance | 90.1 FM WABE.

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