Mexico: Mexico’s Entire Voter Database Was Leaked to the Internet | Gizmodo

A database containing the personal information of millions Mexican voters was discovered online by a security researcher earlier this month on an unprotected server. The discovery represents a major breach in private information for upwards of 87 million Mexican voters. The database was discovered without even password protection by researcher Chris Vickery on April 14th, (who had previously uncovered breaches for Hello Kitty users and private medical data) who alerted Mexican authorities. The National Electoral Institute verified the list’s authenticity, and had it removed from the Amazon Web Servers it was discovered on.

Vickery noted in a blog post for MacKeeper that the breach represents some very real dangers for Mexican voters: “Kidnapping is a considerable problem in Mexico, and allowing cartels to download copies of this database could prove disastrous.”

The discovery is a major breach of privacy for millions of Mexican voters, as the information reportedly included the names, birthdates, addresses, and unique voting numbers, of every single Mexican voter.

Full Article: Mexico’s Entire Voter Database Was Leaked to the Internet.

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