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Clear Ballot produces the ClearVote 1.0 paper-based voting system that includes the ClearCount P1000 precinct optical scanner, the ClearAccess touchscreen ballot marking device, and ClearCount central count scanner, which uses a commercial off-the-shelf printers, typically Fujitsu fi-6800 high-speed scanners.

ClearAccess is an accessible ballot marking system that operates on unmodified off-the-shelf touchscreen computers. ClearAccess software records voters’ choices and prints machine-readable ballots that can be scanned and tabulated within the same processing stream as voter-marked ballots. ClearAccess outputs a marked paper ballot, similar to all other ballots in the election, which can be scanned on ClearCount central or the ClearCount precinct system.

TED Talk by Clear Ballot CEO Larry Moore:

Clear Ballot Scanner Operator Training Video prepared for the NY Board of Elections: