Dominion ImageCast Evolution

The ImageCast Evolution employs a precinct-level optical scan ballot tabulator designed to mark and/or scan paper ballots, interpret voting marks, communicate these interpretations back to the voter (either visually through the integrated LCD display or audibly via integrated headphones), and upon the voter’s acceptance, deposit the ballots into the secure ballot box. The unit also features an Audio Tactile Interface (ATI) which permits voters who cannot negotiate a paper ballot to generate a synchronously human and machine-readable ballot from elector-input vote selections.

The ATI can also accept input from sip and puff and other personal assistive technologies. In this sense, the ImageCast Evolution acts as a ballot marking device. The ImageCast Evolution has a small LCD display screen to provide voters with feedback such as an overvote warning. There are two buttons, a square red button labeled “Return” and an oval green button labeled “Cast” that the voter uses to instruct the machine to return or cast ballots with errors, such as overvotes or ambiguous marks. When the polls close, the ImageCast prints out the race results and other information on a paper tape.