ES&S ExpressVote XL

In EVS system, ES&S itroduced the ExpressVote XL, a hybrid paper-based polling place voting device that provides a full-face 32-inch interactive touchscreen vote capture that incorporates the printing of the voter’s selections as a cast vote record, and tabulation scanning into a single unit. Apparently designed for jursidictions with a tradition or requirement for full face ballots,, the screen provides a display of the full ballot. The ExpressVote XL is designed to serve all voters, including those with special needs, allowing voters to cast vote summary cards autonomously. Voters navigate ballot selections using a touchscreen, detachable UVC keyboard or ADA support peripherals, such as a sip and puff device.

The ExpressVote XL guides voters through the ballot selection process with screen prompts, symbols and ballot audio. The voter can print the vote summary card once they are ready to cast their vote. Once printed, the ExpressVote XL internally processes the vote summary card for tabulation. The tabulated vote summary card is deposited into a removable, secure card container attached to the ExpressVote XL cart.

The ExpressVote XL generates a detailed audit log of all actions and events that have occurred on the unit similar to the Real Time Audit Log (RTAL) used with the iVotronic DRE, which can be printed at any time. Every action and event, including access attempts, access of system functions and errors, is logged and timestamped.