Hart Intercivic eScan AT

Hart Intercivic eScan ATThe Hart InterCivic eScan A/T voting device is equipped with an audio tactile interface (ATI) that enables a voter with disabilities to listen to instructions for using the ATI controllers and an audio version of the ballot, to make selections for each race or question on the ballot, to review all selections and make changes if necessary, and finally to cast the ballot privately and independently. Voters who use “sip and puff” or tactile input switches may plug their own assistive devices into the ATI controller and use them to operate it. While a voter is using the ATI device, other voters may continue voting and may insert their paper ballots into the eScan A/T at any time.

While the association of the eScan AT with an optical scanner might suggest that it is a ballot marking device it actually functions as a DRE without VVPAT. The voter’s ballot selections are recorded electronically in the device’s memory and included in the results for the precinct. There is no software independent record of the vote and no ballot is generated. While no record exists to tie an individual voter to a specific ATI ballot, since votes cast through the ATI interface do not result in a paper ballot it is relatively easy to determine the collective vote of the disabled community. The eScan A/T is used statewide in Oklahoma.

A Voting Demo for the eScan A/T from Oklahoma:

A Voting Demo for the eScan scanner from Oklahoma: