Unisyn Voting Solutions OpenElect

The OpenElect Voting Optical (OVO) is a precinct-level, full-page, dual-sided optical scan ballot system, which scans and validates voter ballots and provides a summary of all ballots cast. The election is loaded from the OVS Election Server over a local network or via a USB thumb drive. On Election Day, an OVO at each polling location scans and validates voters’ ballots, and provides precinct tabulation and reporting. The OVO unit is also paired with the OVI for early voting to scan and tabulate early voting ballots. OVO units can also be used at election headquarters to read absentee, provisional, or recount ballots in smaller jurisdictions The OVO consists of the following components: a Personal Computer (PC), Transport Media, Ballot Reader, Printer, and an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS).

OpenElectOVI_2The OpenElect Voting Interface (OVI) supports both ADA and Early Voting requirements. The OVI enables voters during early voting to cast regional ballots and voters with special needs to prepare their ballots independently and privately on Election Day. The OVI unit features a 7-inch or optional 15-inch full-color touch screen display. The OVI presents each contest on the ballot to the voter in visual and (optionally) audio formats. The voter with limited vision navigates through the ballot using the audio ballot and the ADA keypad or touchscreen input to make their selections. The voter validates his or her selections by listening to the audio summary, printing the ballot, and inserting it into the OVO.

The OVI facilitates special needs voters through a variety of methods including wheelchair access, sip & puff, zoom-in ballot function, and audio assistance for the visually impaired. The OVI provides for write-in candidates when authorized by the jurisdiction. Voters input candidates’ names via the ADA keypad, touchscreen or sip & puff device. Each OVI can support multiple languages for both visual and audio ballots, allowing the voter to choose their preferred language.

OpenElectOVCSThe Open Elect Voting Central Scan (OVCS) uses a high speed scanner to read absentee and provisional ballots, and to perform recounts. The OVCS also captures Write-In data images and produces a Write-In image report for manual processing. The OVCS consists of the following components: a Personal Computer (PC) Desktop and high speed scanner, typically a Canon DR-X10C.

Voting Process:
Once you have checked-In at the pollbook station and received your ballot go to a Ballot Marking Booth where a pen will be provided for you to mark your ballot. Follow the instructions at the top of your ballot. Fill in the oval to the right of the candidate’s name of your choice. If you are writing-in a candidate’s name please be sure to fill in the oval to the right of their name. Once you have marked your ballot take it to the OVO Scanner and insert it. (You may feed the ballot upside down to insure your privacy.) Wait until the scanner light turns from green to red back to green and the OVO screen thanks you for casting your ballot.