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This information was updated April 26, 2016 and reviewed in March 2017.

State Summary:

In 2012 the Maryland Board of Elections adopted new "verification" regulations. See the Code of Maryland Regulations §33.08.05. Although the verification regulations use the term "audit", the process required is essentially a poll tape review. Regarding the auditing of optical scan voting units, Code of Md. Regs. § states: "For each precinct selected under Regulation .04, the election director shall:
(1) Obtain the totals tapes from each optical scan voting unit deployed to that precinct;
(2) In a manner and format specified by the State Administrator, aggregate the results reported on the totals tapes; and
(3) Compare those aggregated precinct results against the results for that precinct as reported by the Election Management System."

In 2016, the Maryland General Assembly mandated a post-election audit "pilot" of the 2016 elections. Following a review (see Voting Systems Used: Paper ballot

Precinct-count optical scanners and ballot-marking devices are used statewide in Maryland. For details visit the Maryland page on The Verifier.

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