Media Release: Verified Voting announces appointment of John DeCock as new Executive Director

Verified Voting, the nation’s leading election integrity organization, today announced the appointment of John DeCock as our new Executive Director.

“We are delighted to have John join our team,” said Verified Voting President Pamela Smith. “John’s appointment signals an important step in our efforts to safeguard elections and to support each voter’s right to cast an effective ballot. John’s exceptional skills and experience will support our outreach and ability to share our resources with a broad range of communities, from voters to policymakers to election officials and more. Working together with John, I am certain that we will continue making vital contributions towards achieving reliable and publicly verifiable elections.”

“There is nothing more fundamental to our Democracy than the right to vote and the knowledge that each vote matters and will be properly counted,” said DeCock. “I am looking forward to working with the talented staff and board at Verified Voting, as well as with the many experts who have collectively achieved so much. There still is much to do to improve the systems by which we cast our votes and to guarantee that every voter knows that his or her vote is counted as cast.”

Verified Voting Board Chair Barbara Simons added, “I am thrilled that John is joining Verified Voting. We are confident that he will contribute significantly to our efforts to ensure that our country enjoys the most accurate, reliable, accessible, usable, and secure voting systems possible.”

Mr. DeCock has worked in the non profit sector for 35 years. He has served as Executive Director of The Sierra Club Foundation and Chief Executive Officer of Clean Water Action. During the course of his career, he has been very involved in electoral activity, including leadership of bipartisan voter registration and Get Out The Vote initiatives. He was a member of the Executive Committee of America Votes and has participated in collaborative electoral work in partnership with a diverse array of organizations. He resides in San Francisco, California.

Verified Voting consists of, a non-profit advocacy organization, and the Verified Voting Foundation, a non-profit charitable organization for public education. Together, the two organizations work to achieve evidence-based elections and transparent processes through best practices in the deployment of accessible, secure, voter verifiable systems and to provide comprehensive resources to advocates, media, voters and election officials nationwide.

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