Verified Voting Blog: Verified Voting Is Seeking a New President

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Verified Voting Foundation (a 501(c)(3) organization) and (a 501(c)(4) organization) are nonprofit, nonpartisan organizations founded over a decade ago by election security experts. We strive to guarantee the accuracy, transparency, and verifiability of elections, so that citizens rightly can trust election outcomes. We are the only national organization with the exclusive mission of protecting the security of elections in the digital age.

This is an exciting time to be Verified Voting President. Citizens and policy makers are finally becoming aware of major security vulnerabilities of our election systems. The President of Verified Voting, who is the Chief Executive Officer of both organizations, will have a platform that can have significant national impact.

Verified Voting is a leading election security organization in the U.S., earning widespread respect among activists, academics, election officials, and other officials at all levels of government. We specialize in election technology and procedures, and we are the most trusted source of impartial information and expertise on these topics. Our Board and Advisory Board are comprised of a who’s who of election security and cybersecurity experts, as well as election officials and attorneys.

For the next few years we are transitioning to a more visible, advocacy role. We are in the initial stages of launching an ambitious nationwide campaign to promote the adoption of paper ballots and routine manual audits throughout the U.S. The most important immediate role of the President is to work with the Verified Voting Board and staff to define the details of legislative and policy objectives, coordinate with other stakeholders, lobby at state and national levels, build organizational infrastructure, recruit additional excellent staff, and raise funds in support of our mission. The President will be the public face of Verified Voting. He or she will have wide latitude to structure and lead the organization, and to oversee the campaign to a successful conclusion.

After the campaign, Verified Voting will continue functioning as an independent expert “elections watchdog” and pursuing improvements in elections, while focusing on technology and administrative issues that are the foundation of trustworthy elections.

A successful candidate for President of Verified Voting must have energy, vision, and a passion for election integrity; excellent organizational and leadership skills; demonstrated ability to build relationships and work effectively with other organizations and individuals; and superb proficiency in spoken and written communication.

If you have questions, are interested in applying to become President of Verified Voting, or wish to nominate someone else for the position, please contact David Jefferson, Chairman of the Board of Verified Voting, by email As part of the application process candidates will be asked for a resumé and a list of references. We may also ask for a video or in person interview at a later stage.

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